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An avid Marathoner and cyclist, Anna has years of experience optimising diet strategies for competitive and amateur athletes alike. Sample training & meal plans are provided to give you a taste of Annas micro & macro nutrient hacks.








Let Anna help you acheive your nutrition goals with an individualized nutrition plan. Whether you are looking to simply lose weight, compete in a body building competition or qualify for the Boston Marathon she can help get you there.




Although sometimes controversial, it is my firm belief as a Nutritionist that supplements can be greatly beneficial to overall health. From protein shakes to probiotic supplements Anna will aid in clearing up the confusion in this billion dollar industry.

Decrease Cancer and Heart Disease Risk by Cycling to Work

Over a five year period researchers in the UK took over 250,000 participants who commuted to work and looked at their incidence of overall mortality, heart disease, and cancer. The commuter cyclist averaged 30 miles per week, which is very obtainable to an ordinary...

Abdominal Fat

The following study reveals individuals with a normal BMI but excess weight in their midsection are at a greater risk of mortality. Counterintuitively, the study found those who are overweight/obese, but lean around their midsection, do not carry this same mortality...

Iron Absorption

Iron is one of the hardest minerals to absorb. If you’ve ever taken an iron supplement—you would agree avoiding them is to your advantage! Although there are many vitamins and minerals that are difficult to absorb, consulting a dietitian can provide you with important...

The Healthiest Hearts In The World

Meet the people who are found to have the healthiest hearts in the world. The people of Tsimane, a region found in the lowlands of Bolivia, showed little signs of plaque buildup in their arteries. Though their lifestyles are significantly different than us Americans-...

The Sunshine Vitamin

A new study suggests Vitamin D can help prevent upper respiratory infections. Increasing your intake of foods rich in Vitamin D, supplementation of the vitamin, or 10-15 minutes of sunlight each day can help prevent you from getting sick. ...

Potassium Can Help Improve High Blood Pressure

Potassium is a key factor in managing blood pressure that we often overlook. Generally, those people with blood pressure issues focus on reducing sodium rather than increasing potassium in our diets. The USDA recommends 4700mg of potassium each day. However, the...

Cardiovascular Deaths Linked to Poor Dietary Choices

We're all aware that unhealthy eating is bad for us, but so many still deny its affect on mortality. A new study shows that unhealthy eating was linked to almost half a million cardiovascular deaths in 2015. By reducing intake of saturated fats and high sugar...

Eat more beans!

The nutritional profile of beans and legumes is close to perfect. They are packed with fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. They also contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals—iron, potassium, phosphorus, folate, zinc, and complex B vitamins. Beans...

Gummy Vitamins

It seems like everywhere you look the store shelves are lined with vitamin gummies, candies, and even vitamin gummy worms. This trend is worrisome—although they can be really tasty—they're too high in sugar, contain many suspicious additives, and generally provide...

Can exercise make the heart younger?

We all know exercise is good for us, but according to a new study exercise may help make us younger. Researchers at the University of Maryland studied the effects of running and the impact it has on hearts. Telomeres are found on each end of our DNA. The telomeres...
Private Home Counseling and Pantry Makeovers
Anna can provide you with personalized nutrition advice in the comfort of your own home. She can help create personalized shopping lists and evaluate foods throughout your kitchen.
Phone Sessions
Initial consultation and ongoing counseling is available via telephone or Skype. The initial session is generally 45 minutes and follow up sessions are 30 minutes. These are great for busy people that find it difficult to make it to a physical appointment.
E-mail Food Logs
Anna can review your personal food log then make individualized recommendations for improvement. A 10 day food log is completed by you and sent to Anna for review. It can often take only a few specific recommendations to significantly improve your overall health.
Supermarket Tours
Anna will accompany you at your local supermarket to assist with purchasing the healthiest foods that meet your individual preference and assist in reading and comparing nutrition labels. You will be provided with a personalized shopping list after the tour is completed.
Customized Diet Plans

By obtaining food preferences, reviewing eating habits, and discussing nutrition goals Anna can create a diet plan just for you.

Anna Morelock

Anna Morelock

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

  • B.S. Nutrition and Food ScienceAuburn University, 2009
  • M.S. Human NutritionUniversity of Alabama, 2011
  • Florida Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Anna Morelock was born and raised in Abbeville, AL – not far from the beautiful sugar-white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. She graduated from Auburn University (AU) in 2009 with a bachelor of science degree in Nutrition and Food Science before performing her dietetic residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

After receiving her designation as a Registered Dietitian at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Anna broadened her clinical knowledge by obtaining a master of science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama (UA) in 2011.

Anna has been employed as a registered dietitian at the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for the past five years. She obtained her certification as a Diabetes Educator in 2015.

A lifelong athlete, Anna enjoys running marathons and cycling in her free time and recently competed in the 2015 Boston Marathon.