Over a five year period researchers in the UK took over 250,000 participants who commuted to work and looked at their incidence of overall mortality, heart disease, and cancer. The commuter cyclist averaged 30 miles per week, which is very obtainable to an ordinary person. Results of the study were significant- incidence of mortality were decreased by 41%, cancer decreased by 45%, and cardiovascular disease by 46% for those who commuted via bicycle. Many people are unable to ride their bike to work due to unsafe road ways, professional attire, weather, and etc. But reconsider even if you can’t ride to work try riding after work to the store, dinner, or around your neighborhood just to get your blood flowing and heart rate increased.

Photo: Tony Webster, Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/diversey/15325678721/in/photolist-S4Nw6h-pmh7m2-Smyw8h-boGd-pmwMQA-os39-6FiVdx-72RyNo-934dCP-937iEd-934cxt-934dcv-8jAYNf-92JEbk-937kUm-5ek6Tb-934cUa-dLretG-QRgooU-i78yG-934dpi-dY88Zp-pi6D11-5LYuT3-ebBDxv-GcH3z1-p53m3H-7Gb9sp-5sK55U-hwB2M-qt4512-Pkr7Vh-SWAgr1-fFUaW-bcnMMg-8ek9DY-dL2ft